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A South Miami Trattoria from an NYC Chef

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That’s the number of Italian spots with New York pedigrees that’ve opened up in town in a week.

Nice odds, NYC.

Grab a seat at Centolire Trattoria Italiana, a new Sicilian stronghold primed for languid nights of slow-roasted lamb and housemade pasta, opening Tuesday in South Miami.

Brought to you by a seasoned NYC chef who spent years working the kitchens at I Trulli and Felidia, this is a 52-seat charmer straight out of a trattoria playbook. Think: white tablecloths, wooden crates filled with wine and black-and-white photos of life in Italy surrounding the room.

Let’s frame things up a bit. Your companion’s in the mood for some orecchiette. Specific, yeah. But you’ll say, “Great, I know a spot.” Because now you do. You’ll walk in, and an Italian waiter will hand you both a glass of prosecco, compliments of the house. Hey, twist your arm.

Then, it’s on to the antipasto and a big Italian red. The prosciutto’s pretty good. After that, your date will go for the orecchiette in a rabbit ragù. You’ll opt for the slow-roasted lamb shank. The conversation will eventually lead to talk of dessert and...

The weather. Right.


Centolire Trattoria Italiana
1569 Sunset Dr
South Miami, FL, 33143


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