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A Quick-and-Healthy Spot in Uptown

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Look, we’re having a fun summer. There’s no denying that. The poolside drinks, the barbecue, the second helpings of each. But... how about something green today?

Your body

Give yourself a break at Snap Kitchen, a convenient three-meals-per-day spot for generally being healthy(ish/er), now open at McKinney and Pearl.

Right, so this is a sunny little orange-and-green café. And you might be wondering how to use such a place. Well, for starters...

Grab a quick lunch.
Sure this place is next to a Smashburger, but maybe try some bison quinoa hash or Thai chicken salad instead. You can get a burger tomorrow.

Take home some dinner.
They’ve got a bunch of prepared foods made fresh each day that are ready to be claimed. So swing through on your way home from work and leave with grass-fed beef meatballs or chimichurri salmon. And a six-pack... from somewhere else.

Drink more juice.
Cold-pressed ones filled with restorative things like kale and carrots and apples and ginger.

Oh, and this spot’s just the first of four Dallas locations, with the next one opening soon in Snider Plaza. So keep that in mind.

Or don’t, it’s your call.


Snap Kitchen
2222 McKinney Ave, Ste 110
Dallas, TX, 75201


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