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Seafood Towers and BBQ from the Shed Team

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You’re always like: “Do I want a smokehouse or a raw bar?”

This place is always like: “Choices are for suckers.”

Don’t compromise at The Pig & The Pearl, a split personality of a spot from the Shed team that’s—not to give too much away here—equal parts smokehouse and raw bar, now taking reservations for August 4 and hoping to soft-open Monday in Atlantic Station.

Your first sweeping glance will tell you everything you need to know about this place.

And suddenly, your future flashes before your eyes...

The First Flash:
You’re at the zinc-and-brick bar with 16 taps behind it. You just bought someone a martini. By the looks of things (loosened ties, backslapping...), your lunch meeting was a resounding success.

The Second Flash:
The hostess is escorting you to the tiny raw bar. You’re gazing up at the hanging cages full of oyster shells as you pass beneath them. Eventually, your server recommends a seafood tower with oysters, clams, smoked-scallop salad... inhales... shrimp, crudo and sashimi.

The Third Flash:
Look. Over there. It’s you sitting at a low-slung wooden booth on the enclosed patio. Cold-smoked lobster and Rib Tips ’n Grits crowd the table. You’re telling jokes. Making merry.

And yes, you still have all your hair.

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