Things to do for July 17, 2014

The Weekender

Pac-Man, Sexy Flight Attendants and a Downtown Pool Party

The weekend’s working for the weekend.

Vintage Arcading in South Beach

Vintage Arcading in South Beach

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. Ms. Pac-Man walks into a bar and... oh, you haven’t. Makes sense. Because South Beach just got its very first vintage arcade bar. Over 60 old-school games like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong: check. Six beers on tap: check. Cheat codes: not included.

Oh, Nothing. Just Beer and Bikinis.

Oh, Nothing. Just Beer and Bikinis.

Reasons why you might attend a trunk show on a Friday night:
1) Gratis beer from Funky Buddha.
2) Gentlemanly pampering from Van Michael.
3) Models wearing bathing suits.
You’ve always struck us as the reasonable type.

Mykonos Has Relocated. To Haven.

Mykonos Has Relocated. To Haven.

You should really start thinking about your next trip to Greece. Step one: head to Lincoln Road. Step two: well... that’s it. See, Haven’s got sexy flight attendants that’ll be taking your order for shrimp saganaki while its wraparound LEDs cue up visuals of Mykonos. Travel light.

Baywatch: The Pool Party

Baywatch: The Pool Party

The following is a list of what you might find this Sunday at Hyde Beach:
—Hasselhoff and Pam Anderson look-alikes.
—Inflatable shark rafts floating around the pool.
—A bounty of champagne.
We hear the Pam Anderson look-alikes are fans.

Because One Pool Party Isn’t Enough...

Because One Pool Party Isn’t Enough...

Lounging around, sipping frozen vodka cocktails by the pool is... pretty damn great. Nothing better, really. Unless you’re doing it on the 50th floor of the Viceroy with a Montarbo sound system in tow. Which is exactly what’s happening at the new Ciel Eau party on Sundays. Pretty. Damn. Great.

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