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A Sexy Brasserie in the Krog Street Market

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“A restaurant should be like a mistress. One shouldn’t feel that she’s overeager to please. It’s far more enticing if you need her more than she needs you.”
—Frasier Crane, Cheers

You always knew that guy was ahead of his time...

Your muse: The Luminary, Eli Kirshtein’s new brasserie that needs no introduction but we’re about to give you one anyway, opening any day now in the Krog Street Market.

Of significance: it’s named after Atlanta’s first newspaper, which was published 168 years ago to the week. See, Chef Eli’s a bit of a history buff. Which explains why he filled part of an old brick warehouse with Vieux Carrés, white tablecloths and a brass bar rail adorned with lion heads.

It’s like everything was laid out with a first date in mind. You’ve got two bars. One’s regular. One’s raw. So decide whether it’s more important to have quick access to 24 draft beers or mid-Atlantic oysters.

Or maybe just nix that magnificent dilemma altogether by heading straight to the patio instead. We promise they’ll still bring you veal breast roulade and Secret Girlfriends with tequila, yellow Chartreuse and grapefruit.

You almost freaked out there for a second.


The Luminary
at Krog Street Market
99 Krog St, Ste Y
Atlanta, GA, 30307


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