Things to do for July 10, 2014

The Weekender

Golden Tickets, Ribs and Lou Ferrigno

The weekend wouldn’t bet against Crazy Eyes.

Better Than Bottled Water...

Better Than Bottled Water...

Your Perks: 1) A sleek carafe that uses charcoal to naturally mineralize your drinking water. (It’s an ancient Japanese thing.) 2) A summer six-pack of rich, crisp, Tuscany-bred Chianti—for $105. 3) A Perks-approved deal on any work of art at Crated—the Internet’s newest art gallery. A little culture never killed anyone.

Working Out with Lou Ferrigno

Working Out with Lou Ferrigno

You could start Saturday morning with a jog. Or you could work out with the Incredible Hulk on the Santa Monica Pier. For real. Lou Ferrigno, the onetime angry green giant, is kicking off a six-week exercise series this weekend. Be on time—you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

Saturdays through Aug 16, 9am, no cost, Hey There Muscles, on the west end of the Santa Monica Pier

You’re Almost a Pizzaiolo Now

You’re Almost a Pizzaiolo Now

No one seems suitably impressed by your remarkable pizza-ordering skills. Next time a pie’s in order, show them the crazy Neapolitan-making moves you picked up at DeSano’s two-hour class this Saturday. To master the pizza, you’ve got to be the pizza.

Jul 12, 3:30-5:30pm, $40, DeSano Pizza Bakery, 4959 Santa Monica Blvd, reserve at 323-913-7000

Back to the Future. With Mr. Chow.

<em>Back to the Future</em>. With Mr. Chow.

Outdoor movie screenings not in Malibu: a blanket, Back to the Future, popcorn.
Outdoor movie screenings in Malibu: a blanket, Back to the Future... and scallion pancakes and spare ribs from Mr. Chow. Where you’re going, you do need roads.

Hope You Like Ribs and Beer

Hope You Like Ribs and Beer

Ribs. They’re those things you really, really tend to enjoy. So when 12 chefs from places like Chi Spacca and the Spice Table get together with local breweries for an actual rib festival... you’ll probably hate it. Wait, that’s not right, is it.

Golden Tickets at the Alcove

Golden Tickets at the Alcove

You’re sitting on Alcove’s famous patio when you find a golden ticket tucked into your Nutella crepe. Don’t send it back—that’s a thing they’re doing for their 10th birthday, and the ticket’ll get you something like dinner for 10 or a cocktail named after you. Better be strong...

Jul 14-23, Alcove Café, 1929 Hillhurst Ave, Los Feliz, 323-644-0100

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