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Bourbon and Leather on the Sunset Strip

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The Sunset Strip in ’87: guitar gods drinking bourbon at bars.

The Sunset Strip this Friday: you drinking bourbon at a bar shaped like a guitar.

Sure, let’s call that progress.

Lighters up for Bar 20, a curvy new cocktail lounge with a counter that’ll either play you a catchy riff or hold your tumbler for you, soft-opening Friday at the Grafton in West Hollywood.

The stroll between Rainbow Room and Chateau Marmont is a long one. You could really use a red leather couch with furry pillows at the halfway point for some reflection. And a strong drink. That’s this.

You’ll step through the Grafton’s lobby doors, turn right and head to the bar. While waiting for your beer or Basilwood (bourbon, ginger beer, lemon and basil) and a burger, you’ll look down and notice the bar is shaped like a Stratocaster. Neat.

And you probably won’t find Dave Navarro sitting on the stool next to you... but you might see him playing a show on the flat-screens nearby, or you might see him on the sidewalk if you choose to handle your bourbon from the slim patio out front.

You see it and you just think bourbon-handling.

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