Clouded Judgment

A Little Music-Playing Cloud for Your Bedroom

None You: “Decorative cloud-lamps that simulate thunderstorms and play music don’t exist.”

Us: “Might want to check your facts, bub.”

Us again: “Sorry for calling you bub right there. Not sure what got into us.”

Exit fake conversation. Enter Cloud, a hanging lamp and Bluetooth speaker that looks and acts just like a miniature thundercloud (not a very crowded market, that), available online now.

Consider all your in-home thunderstorm-based needs met. Finally. Because what you have here is basically a motion-activated art installation for your bedroom that also does stuff you might find useful. Like setting the mood. And playing Gordon Lightfoot. Or other music.

Everything’s pretty much ready for you when it arrives. Just pick a ceiling to hang it from, sync it up with your smart things and take solace in the fact that you... suddenly have one of these.

Oh, and if you already have a cumulonimbus cloud that plays music, there’s also a lamp-only version.

Also, we don’t believe you.

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