Post Haste

Anything You Can Think of, Delivered

None We’re not bitter. We’re just going to list things we have that Belgium doesn’t.

—Fried chicken.
—Non-Belgian waffles.
—An app that delivers fried chicken and waffles or whatever else you want whenever you want it.

On that note: Postmates, a new-to-Boston app that enlists private citizens to deliver just about anything you can think of to your door, now available for iPhone and Android.

First, you’ll have to download the app. Then, you’ll have to have some unmet need. An unexpected lack of lighter fluid and BBQ sauce on an upcoming national holiday, for instance.

Just search for any local store or restaurant. They’re all available. Type in what you need, or choose from a restaurant’s menu. A courier will be dispatched to take care of your shopping list and deliver it in an hour or less. You can watch their progress in real time, in case you find tiny animated cars racing the clock to drop off ribs thrilling. Then the app automatically pays a delivery charge on your behalf based on distance.

You can tap their services 24 hours a day, whether you need marshmallows at 1:37pm or 1:37am.

See also: the American Dream.

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