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A Michelada Truck for Your Parties

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Today, we’re telling you about a michelada van. It’s a van that serves micheladas. Technically, it’s called Miche Mobil, and it’s from the Guelaguetza crew. But let’s stick with michelada van.

You rent the van, see.

And they’ll bring some michelada ingredients (tap beer, salt, limes, so on). Plus someone to make micheladas. Plus a DJ because why not.

Here are some pictures. (It’s a restored 1969 Volkswagen Transporter, just FYI.)

Here is their email. (That’s how you book the van.)

And hmm, let’s see: July 4 is coming up. And the World Cup is still happening. And you might also have some summer events going on that we don’t know about. (Thanks for the invite, by the way.) Those all seem like good times to use the michelada van.


The end.

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