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A Carnivorous Wonderland from Jose Garces

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On Friday, you’ll celebrate America.

But on Thursday, you’ll celebrate Argentina. With a side of Italy. And another side of 75 whiskeys.

At this place: Rural Society, a new steakhouse from Jose Garces (yes, that Jose Garces, the one from Iron Chef), opening Thursday in the Loews Madison Hotel.

It’s pretty simple really. This is a classic Argentine steakhouse that gives a hat tip to the Italian-ness in Buenos Aires. So you’ll come in with a few carnivores and admire how it feels like a South American ranch: dark wood walls, vintage black-and-white photos of cows and a steer’s head sculpture in the dining room that looks like a matador’s worst nightmare.

Then you’ll sit down and start eating things that have emerged from the custom-built, hickory-and-oak-fueled grill. For example: Uruguayan tenderloins, dry-aged New York strip steaks, heritage chickens from Japan and gooey fugazza (Argentine pizzas).

Oh, and they have lots of whiskey. Ask nicely and you can probably sample some of it in the VIP tasting room, complete with glass walls, shelves full of aperitifs and a butcher’s block on wheels where they’ll serve charcuterie and cheese.

Just don’t say, “Hi, I’m a VIP.”

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