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A Fetching New Santa Monica Cocktail Hub

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In the beginning, there was Black Market Liquor Bar. And it was good.

And then there was Scopa. It, too, was good.

The Kings. Which has nothing to do with anything, but... damn, that was good, wasn’t it?

Anyway, here comes The Chestnut Club, a sharp new lounge from the two bar guys behind those places we just mentioned, opening tomorrow in Santa Monica. (We’re thinking it, too, will be good.)

Before we begin: get a look at this place. Go ahead. Just come back when you’re done.


Okay, you get the idea. And you probably figured out you’ll want to come here with a date, maybe after dinner at Rustic Canyon. Not doing so would be what professionals call “a waste.”

Post up anywhere and order a drink. Some suggestions:

1) A Spanish gin and tonic, from their menu of Spanish gin and tonics, which come served in f**king goblets.
2) The El Camino, a rye/mezcal number with ice chipped off a massive block.
3) One of the really rare spirits lining the bar. We like the Del Maguey aged in Hudson Whiskey bourbon barrels—and this is the only place on earth that has it.
4) The bartender’s specialty: a draft beer paired with one of those rare spirits. Think of it as an elevated beer and a shot...

Hey, it’s still Santa Monica, after all.


The Chestnut Club
1348 14th St
Santa Monica, CA, 90405


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