Max’s Wine Dive

License to Dive

A Wine Bar with Subtle Notes of “Dive”

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“This is why we can’t have nice things.”
—Typical Dive Bar

“This is why we can have nice things.”
—Max’s Wine Dive

It’s a brooding and reckless bar that has everything you’d want in such a place: fried-chicken sliders, celebrity mug shots, 150 or so wines, brunch on Fridays... and it’s taking reservations now for a Tuesday opening in Midtown.

It’s as if someone crossbred a boutique wine store with a funky music joint. Up front, it’s all rolling metal ladders and lights made from wine bottles. But then there’s those mug shots of people like Mick Jagger, Janis Joplin and Johnny Cash. (All of whose music can be found in the jukebox.)

Start a night here. End a night here. Doesn’t matter. Just grab an off-menu Big Spicy Mexican Burger with jalapeño jam, cotija and avocado, order one of eight wines on tap and breathe contentedly. Maybe ponder the abstract paintings of Pulp Fiction scenes on the wall.

And seeing as how next Friday is the Fourth and they do brunch on Fridays, some midday chicken biscuits and glasses of sparkly things may be in order. Pro tip: if you commit to two glasses, they’ll open any bottle in the house. Dom. Boekenhoutskloof. Whatever.

Again, that’s Boekenhou... just point.

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