Locker Room

A Personal Fridge for Dry-Aging Steaks

None Patience is a virtue.

No more so than when you’re waiting to eat.

But don’t worry, dinner should be ready in about 45 days.

Increase your iron uptake with Steaklocker, a temperature-and-humidity-controlled fridge for dry-aging your own steaks, available now for preorder.

Well, it’s either this or building some kind of underground meat cellar. (Or not dry-aging your own steaks, but let’s not dignify that with another mention.)

So once you’ve acquired this thing for yourself, you’ll use it to store up to 65 pounds of meat inside the 34-inch glass-doored locker. It will regulate airflow to ensure your steaks are aging in the ideal conditions. Which’ll break down enzymes, reduce excess moisture and generally create a better tasting piece of meat for your next cookout. That’s a noble endeavor.

And if you fancy yourself a beef whisperer, you can adjust the digital controls to vary the tenderness of the meat. There’s even a corresponding app that syncs to the locker so you can keep an eye on your steaks’ vitals wherever you go.

It’s so hard being away from them.

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