Quid Pro Row

Mostly a Bunch of Odd Yet Wonderful Things

None A cashmere pillow with a skull on it.

A pair of cufflinks shaped like astronauts.

A “Big Ass Brick of Soap.”

Salt and pepper shakers made out of cow horns.

A leather-wrapped barbecue set.

A brass ruler that has no business being as attractive as it is.

A Faribault Woolen Mill American flag blanket.

A portable beach speaker that looks like the 1977 Instagram filter feels.

A set of olive-wood-handled steak knives.

A flask wrapped in waxed canvas.

A lighter made of buffalo horn.

A traveling backgammon set.

Oh, those things? Don’t worry about those things. They’re just a few whatnots you could pick up at Copious Row, a new purveyor of outlandish miscellany designed with a summer full of outlandish miscellany in mind.

And it’s all online now.

Just saying.

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