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Warwick Goes to the Beach

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After a long, blissed-out beach day, it can be hard to rally for a Hollywood club night.

If only clubbing meant sitting under a beach umbrella, drinking rum out of a pineapple while surrounded by beautiful people in bikinis.

If only...

Time to christen the SS Warwick, the summery new incarnation of Jeffrey Best’s cocktail hub, debuting Wednesday in Hollywood.

Think of this like Warwick going to the beach. Same location. Same dark, moody lighting. Same massive naked photo of Emily Ratajkowski, though in a different corner. Not that you noticed. No, definitely not.

Only now... you’ll find white and sand-colored sofas under patio umbrellas, not far from some nautically striped walls. And your table’s personal barkeep is handing you rum and coconut cream in actual pineapples. And there’s a roaming ice-cream-cart girl in a vintage bathing suit.

And if you end up here on a Thursday, just know that any pineapple-fueled dance sessions are likely to be interrupted by a bikini fashion show.

Apparently bikinis are still in.

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