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DJs, Live Drummers and Laser Shows in Hollywood

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Some nights, you just want to dance.

Other nights, you just want to dance backed by infinite laser beams, a live violinist and girls writhing on top of a giant cross.

You just want Project Los Angeles, a London-imported nightclub that thinks it’s an insane light show, soft-opening tonight at the old Roxbury location in Hollywood.

What this is: a crazy little place where you and friends can blow it out after Redbury pregaming. After having secured one of the 18 tables or your place on the list, you’ll enter through the giant medieval wooden doors next to Hemingways. The long tunnel with amber light glowing from the ceiling is a little warm-up to the total sensory lunacy that follows.

LED screens with trippy digital projections will surround you on every inch of the walls. Lasers will shoot from the DJ booth and bounce all over the club. Someone will be drinking something with Pop Rocks called F**k Me I’m Famous while a live violinist, guitarist and drummer back up the hip-hop, EDM and rock on the floor. Not far from where you’ll mount a huge, horizontal white cross to get to know some dancing girls.

It’s probably not the time for theological debates.


Project Los Angeles
6356 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA, 90028


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