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It Basically Turns Beer into Soft-Serve

None Ways you can drink beer in your house:

1) Out of a glass.
2) Out of a can.
3) Out of a bottle.
4) Frozen.

Maybe we should’ve led with that last one...

Because today is the day you procure The Frozen Beer Slushie Maker, a new... well, it’s a frozen beer slushie maker that gives your beer a foamy alcohol hat, now available online.

You may have heard about the frozen beer craze that swept through Japan... and then Dodger Stadium. Fun. Problem is, you’re not always in Japan or Dodger Stadium.

So the frozen beer powers that be decided to invent a similar machine that fits in your kitchen/living room/nightstand for what will surely become the new kitchen/living room/nightstand frozen beer craze.

The science: pour your suds into the machine. Some parts will whir inside. Then, out comes what looks like the beer version of soft-serve. Swirl some over a glass of regular beer, and there you go. Whole lot of glory in that glass.

Oh, and it’s battery-operated. It goes anywhere. So everyone’ll be impressed when you whip this thing out at your next cookout, pool party or camping trip.

Less so when you say, “Frozen beer me.”


The Frozen Beer Slushie Maker

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