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This App Is Basically Airbnb for Parking

None Boston, let us praise thee.

For your fair swan boats.

For your majestic availability of Dunkin’ Donuts franchises.

For your total f**king lack of parking...

Looks like a job for Spot, a new app that turns places that you can’t park in into places that you can park in, now available for iPhone and Android.

It’s sort of like Airbnb. But instead of renting a stranger’s apartment, you rent their parking space. Or rent out your own parking space to a stranger. Hopefully you weren’t in the mood to hear something complicated just then.

Load it up and select “find a spot” or “rent my spot.” Choose the former, and you’ll get a map of user-uploaded parking spots in your area. Then click for their rental times (by the hour, day, week, month) and rates for each.

And now you have a secret parking weapon for when you’ve picked up the last reservation of the night at Coppa (details are between you and the maître d’) and there’s not a meter in sight. Or some extra walking-around money when you’re Cape-bound and your parking space has nothing to do all week.

Parking spots get lonely, too.

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