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Broadway Bar Gets a Bold, Beautiful New Look

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Nine years since Broadway Bar opened.

In LA bar years, that’s like... 60 or something.

Pretty shocking the remake took this long:

Bask in the inviting new incarnation of Broadway Bar, Downtown’s two-story citadel of couch-and-patio flirtation from the owner of Seven Grand and Honeycut, now reopen. Here’s what’s changed, and what hasn’t.

Then: A sort of kitschy spread of patterned bordello wallpaper and well-worn carpet. It looked good for a while, then it started feeling a little... Reno casino past its prime.
Now: Beautiful leather sofas. Vintage brass sconces. Walls of sexy purple, black and midnight blue. It’s not a completely different place. It’s just... better.

Then: You stood around in a packed room, drinking drinks and meeting Downtown strangers. You know, bar stuff.
Now: You’ll pull a stranger to the new hardwood dance floor skirting the back wall downstairs, where DJ nights will include ’80s Tuesdays and house music Thursdays. You’ll... you know, dance floor stuff.

Then: Those women next to you at the bar sure ordered a lot of lemon drops.
Now: Fresh cucumber. Gin. Glass. Easy, good drinks on par with 213’s pedigree.

Overheard Then: “Thanks, I made it myself.”
Overheard Now: “Thanks, I bought it at Acne after rooftopping at the Ace.”

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