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A Midtown Tapas Spot from the Après Diem Guy

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Just a fair warning: you might find yourself surrounded by beautiful women dancing the flamenco while you eat paella at this place.

Everybody good with that?

Okay, cool. Let’s proceed...

Stamp your feet for Tapa Tapa, a new wine bar and (truth in advertising in 3... 2...) tapas spot with a designated flamenco stage because that just seems like a good thing to have around, hoping to soft-open Thursday in Midtown.

You’ll appreciate the absence of frills here. Everything serves a purpose. The white leather banquette is for sitting. The black menu board behind the bar is for reading words like “pan-seared scallops” and “anchovy-stuffed mushrooms.” The solid wood stage by the windows is for watching the occasional live flamenco show.

Stop by with some fellow soccer enthusiasts (they’ll be screening the games) and take charge. Secure a table in front of an HD projector. Order some shareable plates without consulting anyone first. You can even take the last salt-cod fritter. Now you’re just being ridiculous.

Or maybe go and... don’t take charge. Let another person lead you to a wine-barrel table on the patio around sundown. Let them choose a nice bottle of Uruguayan wine.

Yeah, their guess is as good as yours.


Tapa Tapa
931 Monroe Dr NE, Ste 106
Atlanta, GA, 30308


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