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Pimm’s Cups and Yorkshire Pudding at Rooftop West

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Bacon-wrapped bangers:

Sounds kind of heavy on a sunny summer afternoon.

Bacon-wrapped bangers with Pimm’s Cups on a 10th-floor rooftop:

Perfect for a sunny summer afternoon.

Look down in awe from Rooftop West, the new rooftop cocktail lounge and English restaurant atop the London hotel, now soft-open in West Hollywood.

Take a quick elevator ride from the lobby to the 10th-floor roof and you’ll see it: an enticing, understated spread of English-accented... astroturf. You’ll notice it’s divided into two distinct sides by a proper British hedgerow. Because you’re damned observant when it comes to hedgerows.

First you’ll step into Brit Bar Lounge, an open-air sprawl of green sofas, white umbrellas and insane views from the Whisky to WP24. It’s got “leisurely day-drinking with a loose collection of friends, acquaintances and producers” written all over it. Not literally.

If sundown happens and you want some dinner before catching a show on the Strip (or if you’re just here for a second-date-dinner situation), move past that trimmed hedge. You’ll see a wide swath of tables more suited to a proper meal of fish-and-chips and Yorkshire pudding.

Yep, still British back here.

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