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Summer’s all about the long weekends. The Monday holidays.

Except in June... there isn’t one.

Time to make one up. Thus we dub this coming Monday: White Truffle Pretzel Bites Day (act of Congress pending).

Get your day-off request in now, because you’re heading to Brookland’s Finest, opening Monday in a former dry cleaner from the guys behind the Pug and Solly’s.

This is the kind of all-purpose neighborhood bar you wish there were more of. Now, about those purposes...

—You want to catch up with some old friends. Grab the table under the giant DC flag made of steel and break bread. Actually, break sous vide pork chops and porcini-rubbed ribeyes. Yeah, break those.

—You want to drown some sorrows. Maybe the archbishop turned down your request for an audience up the street. Whatever. Sit at the steel-and-concrete bar. Flag the bartender down (he’ll be in jeans and a concert shirt) and summon one of the nine local beers on tap.

—You’re watching the World Cup. They open at 11am, and they’ve got four TVs around the bar. Also: bar snacks like the aforementioned pretzel bites and Maryland pit beef sandwiches.

—You need some vitamin D. In another week or so, they’ll open their patio, with a six-seat outdoor bar.

You’re getting healthier already.


Brookland’s Finest
3126 12th St NE
Washington, DC, 20017


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