Things to do for June 05, 2014

The Weekender

Eating Duck Wings, Playing with Legos and Grindhouse-ing

The Weekend. As Seen on TV.

Where You’ll Be Watching the Heat

Where You’ll Be Watching the Heat

You could watch the Heat play at home. You could. But if you enjoy things like duck wings, pitchers of Fat Tire and high-def projection screens, well, Taperia Raca gets you. They’ll be hosting Heat watch parties with all of those things just for you. And... everyone else.

Jun 5 (and all subsequent Finals games except Sun-Mon), 9pm, Taperia Raca, 7010 Biscayne Blvd, 305-751-8756

Bar Donuts. Your Time Has Come.

Bar Donuts. Your Time Has Come.

Problem: A considerable lack of donuts at bars.
Solution: The new menu at the Broken Shaker. It’s courtesy of a Michael Schwartz vet. He’s serving up grits, ribs and spicy sugar donuts with a café con leche dipping sauce to go with your julep. Careful not to dunk and drive.

Available now at The Broken Shaker, 2727 Indian Creek Dr, Miami Beach, 305-531-2727

Watch a Movie. And Pass the Empanadas.

Watch a Movie. And Pass the Empanadas.

Tomorrow night, the old standby: dinner and a movie. Except you’ll be eating your dinner, while watching a movie... that’s about dinner. So, like a culinary Inception. Or... just O Cinema screening Chef and pairing the whole affair with Venezuelan beef arepas and black bean empanadas. Favs would approve.

A Gallery Full of... Legos

A Gallery Full of... Legos

Things Nathan Sawaya’s built from Legos: A T. rex, a seven-foot replica of the Brooklyn Bridge, Lady Gaga video stand-ins.
Things you’ve built from Legos: ...
Things you’ll build after being inspired by his artist talk and exhibition this Saturday: ...
Sounds about right.

Campy Flicks and Cocktails at Gramps

Campy Flicks and Cocktails at Gramps

The back room at Gramps. It’s notorious for... well, nothing. Until now. Because it’s a grindhouse. Shirley’s Grindhouse, to be exact. And on any given night you can head over, claim a director’s chair and catch a campy movie with a side of popcorn and whiskey. Which is vastly superior to the popcorn-and-no-whiskey experience.

Now open daily, 8pm, Shirley’s Grindhouse at Gramps, 176 NW 24th St, 786-752-6693

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