Lost Analysis

Like a Lost and Found Box from the Future

None Raise your hands if you’ve ever lost something before.

This is worse than we thought...

Reclaim what’s rightfully yours with Lupo, a tiny Bluetooth device that tracks down your lost things via science, now available for preorder.

It’s like a remote-controlled lost and found box from the future. It looks like one of those buzzers that lunch spots use. But instead of letting you know your turkey melt is ready, it lets you know that you’ve ventured too far from your messenger bag. Also very important.

Basically, attach it to anything you don’t want to lose. Your keys. Luggage. Dog. Then use the corresponding iPhone app to set out-of-range alerts, which prompt it to sound an alarm if you walk 25 feet or so away from whatever you’ve attached it to.

And even if something does manage to get lost, you can track it on Google Maps. Declare it as lost on the app, and it’ll alert other users to look out for your item as well.

So maybe don’t declare it as lost on the app.

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