Whoa, Belly

Ribs, Music and a Fake Lawn in Buckhead

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And be a simple kind of man.
Be something you love and understand.
Baby, be a simple kind of man.
Oh won’t you do this for me, son,
If you can?

—Lynyrd Skynyrd


—The wall at Smokebelly, the Big Ketch guys’ new barbecue joint with old rock lyrics on the walls (and a house band onstage), opening Wednesday in Buckhead.

It pretty much looks like a country song exploded in here, in the best way possible. The Chevy grilles above the bars. The pallet-and-mason-jar chandeliers. That random rusty pitchfork on the wall...

Since there’s really no other way to summon slaw-topped pulled-pork sandwiches and Cherry Cola Ribs than from a picnic table perched atop artificial grass on a giant patio, you should probably do that for lunch soon.

But after dark, inside near the stage is the better move. That’s where the house band will be playing something like Johnny Cash or the Allman Brothers. And where you’ll be drinking something like one of 20 draft beers or a Southern Piña (mezcal, pineapple, jalapeño).

Oh, and stay watchful: somewhere inside, there’s a secret entrance to a speakeasy that’ll open in a few months.

It’s not via the pitchfork.

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