Things to do for May 15, 2014

The Weekender

Fried Turkey, Slimer and Gator Meatballs

The weekend doesn’t sweat. It glistens.

Chef’s Star Sandwich, on Your Plate

<em>Chef’s</em> Star Sandwich, on Your Plate

Sadly, you never got to taste the sauce from Goodfellas or the monkey brains from Temple of Doom. But tonight at Pot Lobby Bar, Roy Choi is selling the Cuban sandwiches, mojitos and guava cheesecake he designed for Jon Favreau’s movie Chef. Cut to guava cheesecake falling down at the Oscars...

May 15, 8-11pm, Pot Lobby Bar, 3515 Wilshire Blvd, Koreatown, 213-368-3030

Coffee with Chocolate Chip Breakfast

Coffee with Chocolate Chip Breakfast

About that new café named ToC—yes, there’s plenty of reclaimed wood all over. Yes, they’ve got chocolate chip challah bread and Turkish coffee for breakfast. Yes, they’ve got fried-turkey-and-brie sandwiches with cranberry mayo for lunch. And yes, those things all sound pretty good.

Opens May 16, ToC, 8556 W 3rd St, Beverly Hills, 310-275-4235, see the menu

Vintage Clothes and Leather Wallets

Vintage Clothes and Leather Wallets

NYC-imported bazaar Artists & Fleas takes over Downtown’s Arts District this weekend—just in case you’re in the market for vintage dandy wear, leather wallets, cold-brew coffee and barn-wood furniture. Perfect, since there’s only 11 days left to finish your Memorial Day shopping.

Alligator Meatballs and Po’boys

Alligator Meatballs and Po’boys

Alligators are generally less menacing in meatball form. At the crawfish boil on the Dominick’s patio on Saturday, you’ll find hurricanes, gator meatballs, oysters, po’boys with roast beef or soft-shell crab... and a record-breaking heat wave. For authenticity.

May 17 and 24, noon-4pm, Dominick’s, 8715 Beverly Blvd, West Hollywood, reservations recommended at 310-652-2335

A Study in Busting Ghosts

A Study in Busting Ghosts

Flowers, vases and streams—that stuff all worked okay for Monet, but imagine what he could’ve done with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Saturday at Gallery 1988, you’ll see more than 80 artists’ works based on Ghostbusters. Once you get past the gatekeeper.

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