Slip Tease

The Greatest Slip ’N Slide Known to Man

First, picture a Slip ’N Slide.

The kind you might have had as a kid.

Now, imagine it as an Olympic-size ski slope with water instead of snow.


Assume a supine position for Slip N Fly, a titanic Slip ’N Slide built on a scale mankind has never seen. The one-of-a-kind plans to build it are now available for the first time ever.

Our story begins, naturally, in Ohio. One day, a couple of pals with a summer camp on their hands said, “Hey, let’s rebuild a classic childhood amusement with the size and proportions of an Olympic freestyle skiing slope.” Sometimes, history is like that.

It’s about a hundred feet long. It’s got a custom water system. You can clock 42 mph at the finish and get up to 30 feet of air. And if you aren’t imagining yourself landing in a giant pool right about now, you’re not doing it right.

Only one exists. And the design is top secret. But you can purchase the build plans directly from the owner and receive his consultation for a cool $100,000.

You know what they say: money is the root of all giant Slip ’N Slides.

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