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Éclairs and Bottled Sazeracs in West Hollywood

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Two ways to order an Old Fashioned:

1) Say: “I’d like an Old Fashioned, please.” Wait for what feels like hours while a well-intentioned person caresses some brown liquor, massages your bitters, adjusts the flame temperature for your orange peel...

2) Say: “I’d like an Old Fashioned, please.” Receive Old Fashioned on tap.

In the event that second scenario sounds appealing...

Here’s Harlowe, a new WeHo destination for Sazeracs in bottles and Old Fashioneds on draft—opening Friday from the owners of Sassafras, Bigfoot and Thirsty Crow.

It’s in the old Crown Bar spot, technically, but you won’t recognize this pretty gorgeous spread of French Moroccan tiles, vintage floral wallpaper and portraits of people you don’t know.

Also pretty gorgeous: the octagon of a white-tile-topped bar in the center, fast-tracking your refreshment needs with cocktail taps, bottled Sazeracs and bottled gin and tonics ready to go. You’re thirsty. Your bartender understands.

Anyway, it’s not a dinner place, really, but if you find yourself on that inviting front patio, you might not say no to IPA-battered fish-and-chips, bologna sandwiches and/or éclairs.

Yup, time to get weird.


7321 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA, 90046


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