Ahead of the Curve

It’s Like a Fitness Tracker for Your Car

None So you’re heading out of town for the weekend.

Time to unwind. Relax. Let someone or something else compile the charts on your acceleration and braking habits for once.

Time to download Driving Curve, a new iOS app that analyzes your driving performance for maximum efficiency so you can focus on... driving, now available.

Basically, Driving Curve is like the ultimate backseat driver—but one you actually like having around. And there’s no Bluetooth gadgets necessary—just press start right before you drive and the app will begin collecting data using GPS satellites and your iPhone’s motion sensors. Simple.

Then, when you get to the library—okay, the casino—stop the app and get the lowdown on your acceleration, fuel usage and route distance, and all your braking (or lack thereof) along the way. Fancy charts and everything. Don’t worry about braking too much on the 836. There’s just no getting around that...

Or maybe there is. This app will help you find the most efficient routes to your point B. And when you arrive in record time (complete stops included), it just might christen you the new Jason Statham.

Or not.

Depends on the 836.

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