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Bishop Has Sailed

A Hall of Wine Growlers and Smoked Meats

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Before going to dinner, you should always do a quick check to make sure you have everything:

—Wine growler.
—Yes, wine growler.

It’ll all be crucial for The Bishop, a laid-back new dinner spot with lots of grilled oysters and rosé on tap (and very soon, those wine growlers), opening Tuesday in Avondale Estates.

After you pull the front door’s fork handle (it’s exactly what it sounds like), you’ll see the early-1900s space is split down the middle by a half wall. To the right: a green banquette under windowed mirrors. To the left: a long zinc bar.

Hey, look at that, your friends all veered to the left. Guess that means you should follow suit and order a round of spiked teas or The Sourwoods—made with bourbon, wheat beer and honey from a sourwood tree. Probably going to need a Southern Picnic Board with country ham and pimento cheese as well. Maybe some smoked fried chicken. In which case, you might want to move everything to a big table by the front window and let the night proceed as it may.

Eventually, it’ll proceed toward those wine kegs. They’re real. For now, just get a carafe with dinner. But soon, you’ll be able to bring in your growler and get some wine to go.

Then dramatically retire your corkscrew.


The Bishop
124 N Avondale Rd
Avondale Estates, GA, 30002


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