Reaction Jackson

The Next Big Thing in Picture Messaging. Maybe.

None Sometimes, you say things to people just to get a reaction.

Other times, you download this now-available iPhone/Android app called Reactr, which allows you to send someone a random photo or video and automatically sends you another photo or video of their real-time reaction to it.


Well, here’s why you might do such a thing anyway...

To see the looks on your friends’ faces.
First, make sure they’ve got the app. That’s key. That’ll let you share a video of yourself sabering a bottle of Bartles & Jaymes Exotic Berry (or whatever you take videos of these days). Once they open it, their phone’s camera will automatically broadcast their reaction.

To see the looks on your friends with benefits’ faces.
Say, right after sending them a visual expression of your affection. Which we trust won’t involve any squinting, chin-stroking, single-eyebrow-raising or free weights.

To see the looks on your colleagues’ faces.
Shoot one of them a memo demanding that they now work on weekends. If they react with a smile: valuable employee. If they react with hateful contempt: well, they’re pretty normal, actually.

At least among people who use reaction-based apps.

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