Heart and Sol

A Solar-Powered Tube That Cooks Things

None Sun’s out, guns out solar-powered meat-cooking tubes out.

Yeah, we like that version better, too...

So here’s a GoSun Stove, a glass tube from the future that requires nothing more than a sunny day to cook you whatever you want, available now for preorder and shipping this spring.

You’re dealing with solar energy here. You know what that is. But instead of strapping giant panels onto your grill, all you need is this little tube, direct sunlight and maybe a nice bratwurst or something.

And here’s how she works: slide out the built-in tray and insert food that is both delicious and capable of being stuffed inside a tube (sorry, ribs). Then, give it about 20 minutes of sun until it reaches a core temperature of up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

It bakes. It boils. It fries. And it does it all without sounding like an infomercial like that just did. Think of the implications here. Fresh sticky buns at the beach. Al dente pasta by the pool. Fenway Franks in the parking lot of Fenway.

Ah, yes. And this is important. The tube retains heat, so it’ll keep cooking even if clouds arrive.

Nobody rains on your meat parade.

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