Things to do for April 10, 2014

The Weekender

Bikinis, New Suits and Good Beer

Clap along if you feel like the weekend is the truth.

And Then, from Out of Nowhere, a Bar

And Then, from Out of Nowhere, a Bar

This cool little Alpine-inspired restaurant in Logan Square had a lot going for it. Duck-liver mousse. Pretzels. Fondue. Austrian beer. But it lacked two simple things. A 10-person bar made from barn wood. And a two-person charcuterie section. After some vigorous sawing and hammering, it now has those two things.

Get Prepped for Seersucker Season

Get Prepped for Seersucker Season

You might be thinking ahead to all the weddings, cocktail parties and other summery occasions when a good lightweight suit will come in handy. Conveniently, this pop-up tailor just rolled into town with a needle, thread and plenty of linen to make sure your closet is appropriately armed. (And legged.)

It’s Like High Fidelity, Starring You

It’s Like <em>High Fidelity</em>, Starring You

Here, the world’s most obsessive vinyl junkies will congregate in one big room to fight to the death. Wait, no. But don’t be surprised if an elbow is thrown at the massive Chirp Record Fair. Big Star and Goose Island will provide succor. And possibly inspire more elbow throwing.

Apr 12, 8am-7pm, $5-$25, Chirp Record Fair at Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Union, 1340 W Washington Blvd

Beer, Meat, Wine, Cheese, You...

Beer, Meat, Wine, Cheese, You...

There’s a lot going on at Pastoral’s annual gathering of its artisans. There’s wares from 27 or so cheesemakers, 26 local wine/beer/spirits companies (including Koval, FEW and CH Distillery) and innumerable local charcuterie and sweets purveyors. So maybe have a light breakfast.

Just a Sunday Afternoon Bikini Party

Just a Sunday Afternoon Bikini Party

This is a charity event. That’s the only reason why we’re telling you about it. Don’t let the fact that it happens to be a Brazilian-themed bikini fashion show (with appetizers and cocktails) distract you from all the good you’re doing here today.

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