Good Times at Davey Wayne’s

That ’70s Bar

A ’70s Bar Is Hidden Beyond This Garage Sale

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So much to love about the ’70s.

Heather Graham’s roller skates. Christian Bale’s comb-over. And all those stunning secret bars hidden behind kitschy garage sales...

Here comes Good Times at Davey Wayne’s, a new Houston Brothers cocktail spot fixated on ’70s suburbia, opening tonight in Hollywood.

It starts, as most great nights do, at a garage sale. You and your friends will follow a line of well-dressed people into a garage packed with macramé art, nudie photos, old board games and glam rock vinyl. Yes, you can buy anything you want. But more importantly, there’s probably a secret entrance around here somewhere...

Which leads you upstairs into a way-’70s living room. Think wood-paneled walls, family heirlooms, orange and green couches, and a small stage hosting Donovan Leitch or a DJ. Yup, typical ’70s living room.

And down the hallway covered in antique drawers is the main bar, where beer taps are built into ancient fridges and you can order a cinnamon-mezcal-spiked drink named Some People Call Me Maurice. After that, who knows. You might find your hands touching Joan Allen’s in a bowl of keys.

But you could also come by on Sunday afternoon for the pig roast in the backyard, where you can order some boozy snow cones from an Airstream while a roller-skating duo performs on the patio above.

Typical Sunday stuff.

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