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Lobster Corn Dogs and Juleps in Buckhead

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Sometimes you need a place where you can just sit and think.

This is not that kind of place. Sorry.

Way too many lobster corn dogs and juleps flying around here.

Don’t just sit and think at Industry Tavern, a new bar’s bar built for the sole purpose of giving you a place to eat and drink in the merriest of ways, opening Monday in the Terminus building.

Everything’s new, of course—the glass garage doors. The island bar that glows purple. But it’s got a bit of an old soul, this place. Perhaps it’s the vintage Coca-Cola mural with the words “Relieves Fatigue” emblazoned on a brick wall. Or the bronze pipe with pressure gauges, 14 beer taps and a random Edison bulb coming out of it.

If you’re here, chances are it’s north of 5pm and you’re sitting under an enormous wooden crate chandelier trading stories with friends. And you’re doing so with a blackberry mint julep in one hand and that lobster corn dog in the other. It’s a good look.

Although, they’re open 20 hours a day on the weekend. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself here at 2:22am ordering an Americano. That’s a pepperoni pizza.

What an undeservingly fancy name for something like that.

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