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About 90 years ago, if New Yorkers wanted to get to our city for sea bass and juleps, they’d take the ritzy Orange Blossom train.

About 90 years from now, they’ll probably fly here with cool wings, like Anthony Mackie’s in the new Captain America.

As of this Thursday, if you want sea bass and juleps... just get to Collins Avenue however you like.

That’s where you’ll find Orange Blossom, your new South Beach home for seafood, classic cocktails and a bit of Old Florida flair, opening Thursday at the Boulan South Beach.

There’s a bit of old-timey-ness happening, with the Edison bulbs, the rustic herringbone floors and the flowerpot lamp. (You’ll see.) Your great-great-grandfather could’ve tossed back a few here with Henry Flagler.

But you, you can grab a stool at the bar for a quick meatball sandwich, or bring a date after a long day at the beach for a casual dinner of strip steak or Mediterranean sea bass at one of the cozy orange banquettes.

As for what you’re drinking: they’ve got the classics, like juleps, or take a look at the “Bartender’s Choice” section of the menu, with keywords in three columns: spirit, sensation and strength. Just tell them what you’re in the mood for. Late business meeting: vodka/tart/lightly spirited. First date with Brazilian model: rum/spicy/full-bodied.

Just spitballing here.


Orange Blossom
at Boulan South Beach
2000 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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