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A Gadget for Perfecting Your Jumper

None Dear Wisconsin junior Frank Kaminsky,

Congratulations on making it to the Final Four.

We have no doubt you’ll enjoy a prosperous career.

And when you do, please don’t forget that we’re the ones who let you in on this little secret.

Square your shoulders for Hoop Tracker, a basketball-obsessed watch that’ll jot down all your shooting stats and (hopefully) improve your game, available for preorder now on Kickstarter.

What you’ve essentially got here: a handy means of learning everything you ever wanted to know about your jump shot. Which hardly seems fair to your H-O-R-S-E opponent.

First up, you’ll need to attach the included basket sensor to the rim. For that, ask someone really tall. Or just use the mounting pole. Your call. Then, strap on the watch and start shooting. Threes, free throws, one-footed fadeaway bank shots while falling out of bounds. Everything in your regular arsenal. And all the while, this thing’s tracking your makes, misses and clearly questionable shot locations.

Once you’re done, grab some water. Hydration and all. But then, open your computer to sync all your stats with the corresponding website and to check out your detailed shot report. It’s got shooting percentages, distance hot spots and even points scored.

Those trampoline dunks really add up fast.

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