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Custom Bar Carts from Germany

None Well, yesterday didn’t go as you hoped.

But that’s why they play 162 games.

And that’s why beautiful distractions like this exist.

Get a load of La Barrique Collection from Skypak, because these old airplane beverage carts have been rehabbed and outfitted to provide you with one hell of a handsome rolling bar, available online now.

These come to you from Germany. No surprise there. And while they used to roll down narrow aisles serving steamed dinners and canned beers, they’re now enjoying a renaissance. And the admiration of your thirsty houseguests.

See, these things have been stripped down and revamped with wood taken from whiskey and wine barrels. So that meets your general dapperness standards. And on the inside, they’ve been equipped with movable wooden shelves to accommodate upright scotch bottles, cocktail glasses, ice buckets and other harbingers of fun.

That’s all well and good until you require a mobile wine fridge. In that case, hey, check out their mobile wine fridge. It’s got two separate temperature zones for storing your reds and whites, plus a touchscreen display and a glass door for seeing what’s inside.

Yep, that’s how glass works.


La Barrique Collection from Skypak

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