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Rooftop Dining over a Nude Cabaret in Downtown

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You know the problem with most nude cabarets...

No rooftop carpaccio.

Problem solved at Touché Rooftop Lounge & Restaurant, the finest Italian spot from a Top Chef alum to ever debut over a nude cabaret in Downtown, now open.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the nude cabaret downstairs at E11even. Far from it. But after dancing awhile with an attractive stranger, you might be thinking two things: 1) You’d like to get to know more about this person, beyond their appreciation of nude contortionists. 2) You could really go for some veal parmesan. That’s your cue to hit the roof.

Stepping out of the elevator, you’ll see pristine beef carpaccio being plated in the open kitchen beyond the intimate, all-white dining room. Nice. But the view’s a bit better all the way outside, where you and your new friend can settle into a soft couch near some fire pits. Needless to say, champagne is a factor here.

Then you can get to know each other over that carpaccio, salmon sashimi with caviar and forkfuls of lobster fra diavolo (the spaghetti is topped with a pound of lobster here) under the stars.

The night’s been all about subtlety, really.


Touché Rooftop Lounge & Restaurant
15 NE 11th St
Miami, FL, 33132


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