Pizza and Italian Subs in the Watergate

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Reasons you might be near the Watergate this weekend:

1. You live near there.
2. There’s an installation by a South African puppet company at the Kennedy Center, and, well, you’re really into those.
3. You like pizza.

As for that last one, here’s Campono, a sharp-looking new pizza joint from legendary DC chef Bob Kinkead, open as of a couple hours ago.

This place is all windows, stacked hardwood that goes into the 800-degree pizza oven and shelves of pickles. So far, so good.

Step inside. Immediately to your left: a coffee-and-gelato counter where they’ll make you a gelato milkshake. Hold off on that a bit.

Head all the way to your right, where you’ll find four beer taps (Moretti, Stone IPA). Also: a person who will fire you up pies with fresh clams and hot peppers, or pistachio pesto and mortadella. Maybe a pork-and-broccoli-rabe sub for good measure.

But show up early, and you can fatten up those pizzas with bacon, sunny-side eggs or carbonara sauce and pancetta.

Goes well with coffee.

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