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Field Test: The Japanese Pillow-Fighting Pillow

None DISCLAIMER: The following test was conducted by professionals in a controlled and sterile environment. Do not attempt this without proper training, eye protection and a witness.

The Pillow-Fighting Pillow, which happens to be the official pillow of the All Japan Pillow Fighting Association (yep, that’s a thing), is available now for stateside shipping. (With a bit of Google Translate magic.)

It Looks: Like a regular pillow—but smaller. And stockier. And with more Japanese writing.
It Feels: Firm, and kind of lumpy—but bouncy. Sort of a cross between memory foam and cottage cheese. (Now there’s an image.)
It Weighs: About two pounds. Apparently that’s an AJPFA regulation.

Close Range: Devastating. The compact form factor (approximately 12 by 24 inches) delivers precision strikes without compromising power.
Long Range: Ineffective. Plus, who throws a pillow?
Sleeping... Range: Strong. Especially on endless international flights. Perhaps to Japan. For a pillow-fighting tournament.

Despite our skepticism, the pillow proved a trusty nonlethal tool for office procrastination and/or naps. So if you ever find yourself at a Victoria’s Secret Angels slumber party...

Maybe don’t be the person who brings the weird Japanese pillow.

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