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This Ping-Pong Table Is Pretty Much the Best

None There’s this new game that we can only describe as a sort of tiny version of tennis.

You play it on a little table and they call it “ping-pong.” Who names something “ping-pong”?

Anyway, we’d like you to learn how to play that.

Partly because it’s generally just good policy to keep up with the latest trends in miniature athletics.

Mostly because it’ll give you a good excuse to put this thing in your living room...

It’s the SPiN Standard Table, the end result of a collaboration between the gin-and-DJ-fueled house of table tennis (SPiN Galactic) and the Standard LA. What we’re saying is: it’s a fancy ping-pong table, and it’s available online now.

Let’s not put this up there with oxygen or sandwiches in terms of things you need for everyday survival. It’s just a really attractive and design-y piece of leisure that’s probably better off being in your home than not.

It’s got a futuristic-looking wooden base with a matte black finish. It’s got a red surface that’s really red. And, most importantly, it’s a table that lets you play ping-pong on it.

Which seems important.

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