Washio, DC

The Intersection of Cookies and Laundry

None Regarding dry cleaning, a couple questions spring to your mind:

1. How the hell do they get the stuff clean if it’s all “dry”?
2. How the hell can you never bother with it again?

We may never know the answer to No. 1, but as far as No. 2 goes, here’s Washio, an outfit that lets you schedule door-to-door dry-cleaning and laundry service through your computer or phone, available now in DC.

Your job here is not that involved. Call up their app. Tell them where and in what half-hour window you’d like your clothes picked up, and dropped off the next day. Then gather up the remains of last week’s sartorial splendor. You’re done.

Their job is a little more involved. They’ll show up with some reusable bags for all those shirts, suits and—why not—bedsheets of yours. Also, and this is important, they’ll bring you a cookie from Buzz Bakery (yeah, it’s kind of a gimmick, but as far as gimmicks go... pretty good one).

The next day, there they come again, with your laundry washed and folded, and your dry cleaning hung up, without any cash changing hands.

Just your nice, fresh Dayton jersey.

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