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A Beautiful Downtown Arcade with a DJ and a Bar

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Well, well. Look who’s gliding back into your life.

She’s curvy. She’s leggy. She’s bright yellow.

Yep, it’s Ms. Pac-Man, and she brought vodka.

Game on at EightyTwo, a new Arts District bar with arcade games and dancing—previewing Wednesday and Thursday (see below for more info) and officially opening Friday.

It’s just like the arcades you remember from childhood, with Galaga, Super Mario, Dig Dug, Street Fighter II and Ms. Pac-Man flashing and beeping around you. Except...

You’re basking in two gleaming concrete-and-glass slabs of modernity, connected by a striking patio. There’s a DJ. People are dancing, and aren’t 12. The game you’re playing has a little built-in side table that holds your drink. So, yeah, not anything like the arcades you remember.

If you show up first, there are a few ways to occupy yourself—think Paperboy and a vodka-spiked Lamill cold-brew coffee float. And then, just... embrace it. Challenge an attractive stranger to Metallica pinball in the pinball room. Reminisce about Garbage Pail Kids on the patio. Jovially poke fun at someone whose game is being projected over the bar. Maybe even dance. That’ll happen here.

Dance like there is no high score...


707 E 4th Pl
Los Angeles, CA, 90013


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