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Handlebars That Make Your Bike Smarter

None Hey, if Joaquin Phoenix can fall in love with his phone...

You can at least hold a simple conversation with your bike.

Take a trip with Helios Bars, an intelligent handlebar that’ll equip your bike with headlights, blinkers and a little turn-by-turn navigation, available now.

The handlebars fit right onto your current bike, so that part’s easy. And once they’re installed, you can look forward to things like seeing in the dark with that front headlamp. And signaling your turns with built-in LED indicators. Safety first and all that.

But let’s say you’re biking through Deep Ellum and get a little lost. No problem, because these handlebars connect via Bluetooth right to your phone. Just pull up the corresponding app and plug in your destination. Then, as you ride, those LEDs will flash, telling you whether to go left or right as turns approach. Consider it a trust exercise.

Oh, and just in case these things aren’t quite sentient enough for you, the handlebars contain a GPS locator and a SIM card slot for tracking your bike’s whereabouts. Just send it a text message (yes, really), and your bike will reply back with its current location.

And probably an emoticon or two.

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