Bar Meatball

Chance of Meatballs

Meatballs and Italian Donuts in VaHi

In 1487, a man named Carl Meatball had a brilliant idea.

Or something...

Anyway, now we have Bar Meatball, a casual new VaHi spot that has limoncello cocktails, Italian donuts and many, many balls of meat, opening for dinner Thursday.

Once upon a time, this place was called Pozolé. But now, it’s called Bar Meatball, and it feels something like a tucked-away neighborhood haunt in Southern Italy (old black-and-white family photos, wooden booths in the sunroom, gently spinning ceiling fans...).

It’s dinner-only during the week. So skip lunch, go in hungry and start making decisions:

First, pick a meatball. There’s beef. Sausage. Chicken. Eggplant. Fried risotto. (Yes, those last two are imposter meatballs.)
—Then, pick a sauce. Your choice will be obvious. It’s called bolo and it has pork, beef and chili flakes in it.
—Finally, pick a vehicle: slider, three balls on a hero, on top of lasagna...

But they open at noon on the weekend. Which is a great time for Italian-style donuts with some Negronis on tap or a gin-and-limoncello cocktail called a Tom Hagen.

Yep. There’s your Godfather reference.


Bar Meatball
1044 Greenwood Ave NE
Atlanta, GA, 30306

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