Things to do for February 27, 2014

The Weekender

Caddyshack, Bottomless Sangria and Banh Mi to Go

Weekends have more fun.

PBR and Burgers. To Go.

PBR and Burgers. To Go.

Maybe you’ve heard of 5 Napkin Grill. If not, 1) they make a solid burger, 2) there’s now an express location near Lincoln Road where you can pick up fish banh mi, breakfast tacos and burgers to go, and 3) there’s PBR. Also to go. So, there’s that.

Caddyshack. On the Big Screen.

<em>Caddyshack</em>. On the Big Screen.

Dear Mr. Ramis,
Thank you. For your generous employment of Bill Murray. For the creation of proton packs. But most of all, for your directorial debut, Caddyshack. Tonight, we’ll toast to you with a screening of it on the beach. Baby Ruths for all.
Yours, UrbanDaddy

Date Night at a Spa. Yes.

Date Night at a Spa. Yes.

Breaking news: dates like spas. So tomorrow night, make plans for the Spa at Viceroy. They’ll be unveiling their new menu with a party featuring gratis fare from 15th & Vine and cocktails. Oh, and your date will get to test-drive some of their new services. Massage before beer, in the clear.

Cooking. In Someone Else’s House.

Cooking. In Someone Else’s House.

Chaos Cooking. It’s this crazy concept out of NYC where a bunch of strangers pile into someone’s house and cook a dish wherever they can find space. Stove, washer/dryer, in the Roman tub... like we said, wherever. Then, everyone eats. Well, it’s happening here this Sunday. Maybe just bring the wine.

Mar 2, 6-10pm, no cost, Neo Lofts, 10 SW South River Dr #1806, sign up here

Oh, Man. The Fed’s Got Drinks. Lots.

Oh, Man. The Fed’s Got Drinks. Lots.

The Fed. You love those guys. They love you, too. Proof: their new cocktail hour where $15 gets you unlimited pours of beer, sangria and wine. And for $5, they’ve also got “grown-up” Slurpees and bacon topped with maple syrup. If bacon topped with maple syrup doesn’t say love...

Tue-Fri, 5-7pm, The Federal, 5132 Biscayne Blvd, 305-758-9559

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