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The Double-Wide Done Right

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Some say it’s where the heart is.

Others say it’s where you make it.

But us, we’re pretty sure it’s just anyplace you can fit one of these...

Make some new neighbors with Wheelhaus, a line of portable homes that’s giving a good name to... portable homes, available now.

Okay, so if you want to be technical, yes, they’re mobile homes. But forget technical for a second and instead focus on the fact that these Frank Lloyd Wright–looking double-wides have king-size beds, private patios, rain showers, full kitchens, fireplaces and wi-fi. Otherwise known as the barest essentials.

Now find yourself an empty slice of mountaintop or waterfall-adjacent real estate (bonus point if it’s both). Then peruse this company’s cabin options and decide if you want the one with the big windows, or the one with the lofted bedroom, or the one resembling an Airstream from 20 years in the future.

Or, actually, you know what, maybe you want all of them. That’s okay, too. They can attach multiple units together to create one massive, rolling mega-compound.

Think Voltron. But with a mailbox.

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