Sure Shot

A Slingshot Courtesy of SEAL Team Six

None Now that the Olympics are over, we can finally move on to more pressing matters in the world of sport.

Right, slingshots.

Find some safety goggles for the Survival Slingshot, a delightfully thorough device that shoots pellets, sure, but also: arrows, available online now.

So it’s pretty much the exact opposite of those Y-shaped tree-branch-and-rubber-band contraptions you made in summer camp. Because this advanced weapon’s been endorsed by a member of SEAL Team Six. And he prefers that his slingshots include hollow aluminum grips for carrying survival supplies, flashlight mounts for seeing in the dark and something curiously called a whisker biscuit. Apparently it’s for shooting arrows. Figures.

Now, just spitballing here, but such a thing would make for one hell of an intimidating paperweight around the office. But should you have a camping trip coming up, you might find other uses for it. Like fitting your sling with an arrow and protecting your campsite from malicious predators like squirrels and rabbits.

Or just storing trail mix in the handle.

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